The Media industry is already on a steep decline in the United States with a two party democracy in very poor shape. Synthetic media and the impact of GPT technologies is likely the straw that will break the camel's back in terms of America's relationship with journalism, a free media and reading truthful sources of content.

We could be witnessing the end of Capitalism and Democracy as we know it as evidenced by the coming demographic winter. Generative A.I. might be a harbinger not of more profitability and productivity, but more monopoly capitalism and and fake digital eating our institutions like a free media. The NYT has a point, and OpenAI is not a good samaritan in its relationship with media.

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I agree with your sentiment around OpenAI in the sense that the company follows its own interests. It also follows the public interest when it aligns with internal interests. However, the problem is largely the same. The corporate media and OpenAI both have their own opinions about what constitutes the public interest and they have business interests, which they both regularly confuse with being in the public interest.

I'm sure there will be a journalism and public interest narrative, but its unclear if those two concepts co-habitate any longer. The conflict is really about money, influence, power, ego, and copyright. This last concept is the one we really need to sort out. I'm just not sure these are the two actors I'd have as central characters in sorting it out. But, not to worry. Since its primarily about money, influence, power, and ego, it is unlikely to go to trial!

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